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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no user limit. The bill is applied per user up to the 60th user, after which additional users can be added at no charge

A service charge is billed to the organization when switching from Starter plan to Premium Plan

CPU time is the time consumed in HTTP requests. We measure this time for every request and keep track of it. Along with this, we also track the total time consumed by all requests. Once it adds up to the CPU time limit for the plan, your platform will not process any more requests. It CPU time consumed is reset to 0 the next day

Addons can be purchased under all plans

This service is currently available in Nigeria, however, businesses from other countries can use the free tier.

We keep 14 full backups of each Arbipy database for up to 3 months: 1/day for 7 days, 1/week for 4 weeks, 1/month for 3 months

The Enterprise tier has implementation consultancy built in, it is priced separately for the other tiers. The value of the bill is largely dependent on the amount of customization required. Training is also included in the consultancy

Arbipy consists of integrated apps, kept simple, which help you manage and automate business processes across your organization. Choose apps that address your pain points, then deploy them to your employees.

The goal of the Arbipy is for businesses to get the best of enterprise software without breaking the bank, especially SMEs

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